Martin's Revenge was a battle in 1780.

Martin's Revenge


Battle of the Selton's Plantation


Battle of Camden

British Commander

British Lieutenant

American Commander

Benjamin Martin

British Strength


American Strength


British losses

20 killed, 1 wounded

American losses

1 wounded

Battle Edit

Benjamin Martin, Nathan Martin and Samuel Martin wanted to save Gabriel Martin from the British. Ben started the fight by shooting an officer. This alerted the Redcoats, who jumped into battle. Nathan killed another officer. Nathan and Samuel killed several Redcoats,while Ben tomahawked more Redcoats. Martin wounded a Private in action, and continuessly murdered more British Soldiers. He killed Gabriel's Warden with his tomahawk, and killed another escaping Redcoat, throwing his tomahawk at him. He bloodied himself, while chopping away at the soldier's corpse. All but one Redcoat was killed, and Martin was wounded several times by gunshot.